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Corporate valuations form the basis of M&A, fund raising, Sale of businesses and also to meet regulatory and accounting requirements.

Knowing what business is worth and what determines its value is prerequisite for intelligent decision making. Corporate valuations form the basis of corporate finance activity including M&A, fund raising, sale of businesses and also to meet regulatory and accounting requirements.

Many legislations in India have prescribed valuation methodologies to be applied in specific situations for a particular purpose but more recently, a few legislations have prescribed valuation as per internationally accepted valuation guidelines.

Though there are International valuation standards however not much guidance is available in India on the manner in which specific valuation methodologies are to be applied and different valuers take different assumptions leading to difference in value conclusion. In many cases the valuation also lacks uniformity and generally accepted global valuation practices. Thus, in the absence of standards of business valuation in India, the valuation is more of an art based on the professional experience and exposure of the valuer rather than science based on empirical studies and logics.

Credible valuations are critical to the efficient working of the capital markets, businesses, government and all its stakeholders. With growing shareholder activism, importance of independent valuations is arising all over the world including India.

Role of a valuer is to consider the facts of each case, understand purpose of valuation and applicable regulatory norms for such transaction. Validation of the inherent assumptions of a business model is critical in any business valuation engagement. Limitations and Assumptions should be properly explained in the valuation report.

In our country, Valuation in itself is evolving. New concepts of “Registered Valuer” in Companies Act, 2013 and “Fair Value” in Ind-AS are setting the tone for Indian Valuation Standards. With the valuation process opening up in India and more debate happening on valuations, complex valuation methods are also getting recognition as valuation is emerging as a discipline in India.

In business valuation, variety of valuation methods typically categorized into three core Valuation approaches (Asset, Income and Market approaches) are considered and Premium & Discounts applied based on size and % of transaction under valuation to arrive at the Valuation for Shareholders.

Corporate Professionals Capital Pvt. Ltd. is a SEBI Registered (Cat-1) Merchant Banker and has a successful track record of providing a broad range of M&A, Transaction Advisory, Corporate Valuation Advisors, Corporate Valuation Consulting in India. Our Dedicated Team has more than 10 years of rich valuation experience. Our in-house research wing regularly identifies and prepares research articles on debated issues of business valuation, including how to apply the range of valuation techniques, including their appropriate application, advantages and disadvantages. We have created a niche in Valuation Services by executing more than 750 Corporate Valuations (uncoding tangibles & intangibles) of clients of International Repute across different Context, Industries and Boundaries and delivering well-reasoned and defensive Valuation Reports.

We value businesses (both Indian and Global) and Securities (Equity Shareholders, Preferred Stock, Hybrid Instruments(CCPS/CCD’s/OCPS), Debt and Derivatives (Options and Futures).

We also help businesses in allocating acquisition value into different set of Assets including Intangibles.

Corporate Professionals Capital Pvt. Ltd. is empanelled with BSE and NSE as an Independent Valuer for valuation of exclusively listed companies (ELCs) on Dissemination Board (DB) for providing Exit Opportunity to the Public Shareholders in terms of SEBI Circular SEBI/HO/MRD/DSA/CIR/P/2016/110 dated October 10, 2016.

We have been integral part of transactions involving corporate valuations worth 25 bn $ (approx)

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