Business Valuation in india & Emerging Opportunities

As of now there are no formal standards for business valuation in India specifically for unlisted and private companies, numerous conceptual controversies still remain, even among the most prominent valuation practitioners. Interestingly, the answer to this lies in focusing more on basics of valuations. www.corporatevaluations.in by virtue of its extensive promoters capital markets experience, dedicated valuation team, in-house research wing and proven expertise in corporate transaction advisory has made an attempt by preparing this presentation on Business Valuation in India and Emerging Opportunities.

The Contents of the presentation is as under:

Overview of Valuation

-History of Valuation in India
-Startup Valuation (GMV based, Venture Capital and First Chicago Model)
-Preferred Stock Valuation (Backsolve Model)
-Valuation Process
-Valuation under different Statutes (M&A Valuation, RBI Valuation, Income Tax Valuation, SEBI Valuation, Companies Act Valuation)
-Emerging Opportunities on in Valuation in India (Registered Valuer and Ind AS)
-Overview of DCF and Relative Valuation
-Tricky Issues