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Reasons To Get Valuation

Type of Valuation When it’s Required?
1 Business / Equity Valuation For Investment/Acquisition/Sale/Strategic decisions/Voluntary value assessment of Businesses / Equity Shares including convertible instruments
2 Intangible Valuation For Investment/Acquisition/Sale of IPR’s /Brand/ Softwares for value assessment, and Accounting and financial reporting purposes
3 M&A Valuation and Swap Ratio For determining relative valuation of companies and share exchange ratio in Court/Tribunal approved Scheme of Arrangement/Amalgamation
4 Fairness Opinion Under SEBI directive, oOn Valuation report of valuer in case of Court/Tribunal approved Scheme of Arrangement /Amalgamation, involving Listed Companies
5 RBI Valuation Under FEMA laws (FDI), for Issue /Transfer of Equity shares / Compulsory convertible instruments between Resident and Non Resident Also for Investment/Acquisition of Companies outside India (ODI), valuation is required
6 ESOP Valuation ESOP Accounting valuation is required upon Grant of Options for booking compensation expenses by company and ESOP Perquisite Tax Valuation is required upon Exercise of Option by Employees under Income Tax Law
7 Tax Valuation and Transfer Pricing Under Income Tax Law, for Issue/Transfer of Shares between Residents (Gift Tax) & Transaction between Associated enterprises requires valuation under Transfer Pricing
8 SEBI Valuations For determination of value of shares under Takeover code/Preferential Allotment/Exit opportunity/Delisting etc
9 Sweat Equity Valuations For valuing Sweat Equity Shares (for Accounting and Tax purposes) and Valuation of IPR/Technical Know How/Value additions of person whom Sweat Equity Shares are being offered
10 IND AS/ IFRS Valuations Under IND AS, valuation of Financial Instruments, ESOPs, Intangibles and Investments etc. is required at Fair Value. Complex Option pricing models are applied to derive value of financial instruments like corporate guarantee, hybrid instruments like OCPS, FCCD etc.
11 Registered Valuer Under Companies Act 2013, Registered Valuer provisions are proposed to govern the practice of valuation in case of Business, Shares and Assets. Till these provisions get finalized, valuation for issue of shares under private placement and for Swap ratio under scheme of arrangements may be done by SEBI Registered Merchant Banker or CA having experience of more than 10 years.
In case of Insolvency Code also, a view is being taken that pending enactment of Registered Valuers, the above prescribed valuers can undertake the determination of Liquidation value
12 Preferred Stock Valuation Valuation of Equity shares can be derived at through Backsolve model using recent investment in Preferred stock in a company by an Independent Investor
13 DCF Valuation DCF Valuations are required in a number of cases and has now gained acceptance in all cases where valuation of business/shares is required
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