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When is Intangible Valuation required?

The increasing recognition of the value of intangibles comes with the continuous increase in the gap between company’s book values and sharp increases in premiums that have been paid in M&A transactions. Patents & Trademarks, Brands, Knowhow & Trade secrets and Customers are some of the important Intangibles and these are widely accepted to be the key contributors to value of any business.

Why to Obtain Intangible Valuation?

Intangible Valuation is required for Purchase Price Allocation for regulatory reporting and accounting purposes. It may also be required if only intangible link Brand or Business Rights are getting bought or sold

Now a days, financial institutions also agree to fund against known Brands. Thus Brands are given as Security to meet the funding needs necessitating their valuation assessment.

Approaches and Methodologies for Intangible Valuation?

Excess Earnings, Royalty Relief, DCF and Comparable Multiples are the prominent methods for Valuing Intangibles. Sanity check of good old profit split method is more important than ever.

Challenges for Intangible Valuer?

The first step in Intangible Valuation is to identify the Intangibles itself. The Intangibles must be clearly separable and have unique rights like contractual, legal etc. Real challenge in Intangible valuation lies in determining how much potion of value is attributable to a number of Tangible and Intangible Assets. A layman perspective is to determine the business with and without that Intangible and address this issue.

Our Intangible Valuation Practice

We as an Intangible valuation consultant with extensive experience and research focus help you in quantifying the fair value of your intangibles. We do a detailed analysis of the Company and its Peer Companies for judging the worth of an enterprise and perform simulation study with or without Intangibles. We deliver well-reasoned and defensive Intangible Valuation Report. Corporate Professionals has the experience and commitment necessary to provide practical and timely Intangible Valuation Consultancy. We are one of the best Intangible & Brand Valuation Consultant with extensive experience and research focus help you in quantifying the fair value of your intangibles

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